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Carbon Coated Copper Sheet

Carbon Coated Copper Sheet

1.Conductive carbon coating:Single side coating with 2um thickness each side
2.Coating width:560mm
3.Total width:590mm
4.Total thickness:11um

Single Side Conductive Carbon Coated Copper Foil

Coating Electrode

Coating Electrode


Conductive carbon coated copper foil can replace conventional Al foil as better anode substrate with improved properties.

  1. Better electrical conductivity and less internal resistivity

  2. Better mechanical strength and toughness to avoid short circuit caused by dendrite growth

  3. Better coating strength with electrode material

  4. Therefore, it will provide larger discharging capability and longer service life for Li-Ion batteries

                      Model                T-CC9-D  Carbon Coated Copper Foil

Conductive carbon coating

Double side coating with 2um thickness each side

Substrate of copper

Purity > 99.9%   Thickness: 9um

Coating width


Total width


Total thickness



In vacuum bag  2kg/roll






  1. Please store moisture sensitive consumables in vacuum storage box, which will help prevent damages and prolong the integrity of the material. Click here for equipment selection

  2. Please always  heating the sample  under a vaccum oven upto 180oC to remove moisture before use for better result. 

Coating Electrode

Carbon Coated Copper Foil

Carbon Coated Copper Foil

Carbon Coated Copper Foil

Provide One-Stop Solution For Lithium ion Battery Making

Coating Electrode

Coating Electrode

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