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Lithium Ion Battery Aluminum Foil 16um

Aluminum foil application for lithium ion battery cathode current collector Model: T-Al-16

Aluminum Foil Paper For Lithium Battery Cathode Current Collector


Aluminum foil application for lithium ion battery cathode current collector 
Thickness16±1 um
Areal density42~46g/ m2
With transverse surface density uniformity≤0.003 g/ 40×40 mm
The same volume of vertical surface density uniformity≤0.03 g/ 400×40 mm
High temperature oxidation resistance (200°C*30min)No oxidation
Connect no<2
Chemistry content(Al)>99.45%
Normal temperature Tensile strength kgf /mm2>180
After 1200C baking 1h, Tensile strength kgf/mm2>160






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