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Battery Pack Welder

Battery Pack Welder

1.X-axis travel:500mm
2.Y-axis travel:250mm,custom
3.Welding thickness: do not hit the bump 0.25mm, hit the bump 0.4mm
4.Feature:with rotate welding head,for pure nickel
5.Model:TOB-DH-10000R 5.Dimensions:1000mm*1000mm*1800mm

CNC Automatic Battery Pack Welder With Single Rotate Welding Head For Pure Nickel Strip



Features :

Rotary welding head welding needle need to configure 8000A spot welding machine.

Electric operate model: do not need to connect another air compressor.

Rotary welding head welding needle and ordinary welding head can not be universal.


Device Features: (The following parameters can be non-standard custom)


A) Compatibility of battery packs of different sizes:

Adjust the size of the battery module by positioning the side panels. Maximum welding area 450 * 800 (customized as required).


B) Mold positioning:

Use the upper and lower sides of the motor clamping adjustment, the top side with positioning pin positioning to ensure that the mold can be accurately positioned.

It will not influence welding function because of the large area.


C) Rotation of the welding head:

 The welding head can be rotated automatically within 180 ° to meet the different angles of the solder joints (through programming control).


D) welding compression action using servo motor to achieve.It ensure that the welding head and the workpiece pressure uniform, welding stability.


E) welding needle automatic grinding: Can be set to automatically polish the frequency and the number of grinding in the welding needle after a period of time to ensure the welding quality..


F) Automatic compensation of welding needle: Can be set to automatically compensate for welding soldering work after a period of time to ensure that the strength of the same solder pin and the welding quality.


G) Poor welding machine warming and handling: In case of poor welding, the touch screen automatically alerts, and the alarm data stored in the internal form for inspection.


(H) A.UI device user interface user-friendly, easy to learn. 10 minutes church operator, half hour church programming operation.


Equipment Performance Parameters.


TOB-DH-10000R Battery Pack Welder

Operate Model

Electric Model

X-axis travel


Y-axis travel

250mm(can be customized)

Spot welding speed

with bumps: Nickel spot welding efficiency of 4000pcs / h or so; without bumps: 0.15mm thickness and below, 4 spot welding efficiency 2000pcs / h; 0.2mm thickness and above pure nickel sheet welding speed is less than 2000pcs / h.

Discharge current


Welding material

nickel belt, nickel belt, pure nickel belt

Welding thickness

do not hit the bump 0.25mm, hit the bump 0.4mm

Maximum speed of motor drive


The maximum number of batteries loaded

120pcs (standard 18650 lithium battery)

Number of groups for storing files

99 groups

Operating system

Embedded system + man-machine screen


Stepper + imported precision linear guide (optional servo + screw)

Spot welding machine technology parameters

Power supply:    380V,8000A high frequency DC spot welding power supply

Max output current: 8000A

Control frequency: 4KHz

Control mode: DSP control technology,4K frequency, primary    current detection, and static current control mode

Transformer output: max current 8000A,floating voltage 8.0V

Welding condition setting: 8MODE(MODE 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7)

Welding current detection function:Set the range of ±3%-±9%±N freely and monitor

Scope of application:0.03mm-0.35mm 



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