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Battery Tab Welder

Battery Tab Welder

1.Source voltage:110V-240V with transformer, Single Phase 50/60Hz 2.Power:10KVA 3.Welding ability:0.05-0.12mm Ni tab

Double Point DC Spot Welder For Batteries Ni Tab Thickness 0.05-0.12mm, 110V-240V Customized 

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1 TOB-HT-012 Model Spot Welder For Batteries has two kinds type to choose, pneumatic spot welding machine with smaller shipping weight and volume, but need to connect air compressor. Pedal Type spot welding machine without air supply but need with desk shipping together.

2 This kind battery spot welder is mainly used for 18650, 26650, 32650 cylindrical battery, NI-MH battery(nickel-metal hydride battery), Nickel cadmium battery and EV Lithium battery pack Ni tab welding.

3 TOB-HT System battery spot welder machine has different models according it’s welding ability. TOB-HT-012 Spot welder is suitable for Ni tab thickness less than 0.12mm, TOB-HT-015 model suitable for Ni tab thickness less than 0.15mm. TOB-HT-022 model suitable for Ni tab less than 0.22mm. We can also supply high power spot welding machine can weld up to 1mm tab. Please contact with our engineers to get the most suitable machines for you.


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