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18650 Battery Pack Spot Welder

1.Welding Cpacity:0.03mm~0.5mm
3.Maximum working pressure:6KG

Mini Battery Spot Welder For Battery Packs



Main technical features :

1. The welding current is dc, and there is no defect of discontinuous heating of the workpiece. The heat concentration improves the welding thermal efficiency, which is especially suitable for the welding of non-ferrous metal materials and some refractory materials. The welding process is stable and the welding quality is significantly improved. The electrode life was also extended.

2. The LCD shows a variety of content, and the graphics show the current working status, the friendly work interface, the welding pulse graphics to enhance the convenience of the debugging observation.

3. There are special fault diagnosis and alarm functions to deal with current disorder, monitoring value overlimit, voltage overlimit and other faults.

4. The inverter bridge adopts soft switch technology to reduce switch loss and electromagnetic interference.

5. High speed and high precision microprocessor (MCU) control, to provide highly stable repetitive welding, with current monitoring function.

6. High speed welding: a quick start and high polarity switching reduced the temperature effect so that make the welding surface clean and beautiful.

7. Polarity switching: suppression of asymmetrical result makes the two points welding strength uniform and extends the service life of the electrode.

8. The imported IBGT module full control the discharge,welding quality and welding speed , non ordinary welding machine can compared with it.

9. Data storage using EEPROM, no battery life issues, always returned to the previous use of welding procedures when you starting up.

10. Double pulse can reduce welding spatter, effectively improve the quality of welding.

11. Welding voltage locking technology to prevent net voltage fluctuations to affect the welding current.











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