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Samll Battery Welder for Cylinder Cell

1.Welding capacity:0.05mm-0.25mm

Small Battery Spot Weling Machine For Batterty Packs




Dual pulse welding:  

This TOB-PS250 mainly used for 18650 battery pack tab welding, it can weld Nickel tab thickness from 0.05-0.25mm. You can also choose our other model according to your tab Thickness.

Dual pulse welding, the first pulse is used to the workpiece surface coating and oxide removal, and make the contact place in welding electrode produce slight deformation, improve the effective contact area, the second pulse is used to ontology metal welding, can effectively promote the quality of welding and reducing welding spatter.


Control model:

1. CPU control, precision pulse energy Adjustable(0-99.9%), preloading time and the holding time Adjustable(0-2.55s)

2. Two different ways of welding, (1) ordinary ; (2) continuous.

3. The built-in counter, all solder joints can be calculated

4. Data storage block using EEPROM, no battery life problem, every time you boot, go back to Last using the welding procedure.

Small Battery Spot Weling Machine.JPG





Secondary side of welding current


Input voltage


Input frequency


Working pressure

Single pulse, double pulse, multiple pulse programmable

Welding control model

Foot switch control


Foot switch control








Provide One-Stop Solution For Lithium ion Battery Making

lithium ion battery making




1. How much do I need to pay for your OEM service?

   No need to pay extra cost for our OEM service. The OEM cost is already included in our prices.

2. How to control quality?

   A, All the raw materials by IQC (Incoming Quality Control)before launch whole process into the process after the screening.

   B, Process each link in the process of IPQC(Input Process Quality Control)patrol inspection.

   C, After finished by QC full inspection before packing into the next process packing.

   D, OQC before shipment for each slipper to do full inspection.

3. About price

   The price is negotiable. it can be changed according to your quantity or package. when you are making an inquiry, please let us know the quantity you want.

4. How can I install and operate the machine by myself?

   Our system R&D based on integrated development view. when you get the machine, just need to connect it with the electrical power, then machine can be working. because the English software were installed in this machine. what you need to do is only learning the software usage, and the complete English user manual will be coning to you with the machine.

5. How to get technical support after purchasing?

   Our factory provide online technical support in English , you can easy catch us online by SKYPE,WECHAT,WAHTSAPP or Email, if you need any remote assistant support, then we will support you though TeamViewer software.

6. Is there any consumable parts for the machine?

    There is no consumable parts for our laser marking machine, just keep clean it for better working condition.

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