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Planetary Mixer

1). Cantilever structure hydraulic lifting material bucket;
2). Double mixer shaft + with wall scrape
3).Single direct material temperature measurement model;


Planetary Mixing Machine 




1Basic Parameter

1-1 Model

APlanetary Mixing Machine TOB-XJZH-02L

1-2 Basic Structure

A. Cantilever structure hydraulic lifting material bucket;

B. Single direct material temperature measurement model;

C. Double mixer shaft + with wall scraper

1-3 Barrel (Mixing barrel)

A. Specifications: Dia. 180mm * 150mm; B. Design volume: 3.8L; C. Effective volume: 02L

A. Inner material: SUS304;

B. Mirror polishing after lathe work for inner tank wall, to ensure good roundness;

C. The upper flange plane and the upper barrel body are sealed by sealing rings;

D. Bottom with 1piece DN25 discharging plunger valve ;

E. Barrel with a pair of handle.

Choose F-1, common  jacket direct cooling/heating


The jacket with a reinforced guide plate ( in/out interface is g1/2 ") can be used to cool or heat the processing material with cold water (oil) or hot water (steam or hot oil). Carry external insulation layer (jacket) at the same time. "-- in/out interface is G1/2" supply for the customer


1-4 Upper barrel body (kettle cover)


A. Materials: SUS304;


B. a Φ 40 powder/liquid feed hopper, can quickly switch; One lamp; 2 small Windows (1 lamp port and 1 observation hole), 1 vacuum pressure gauge, and other necessary nozzles (vacuum/empty/spare).


1-5 Mixing principle

Low speed mixing slurry for both rotation and revolution; Combined with the low clearance design of the mixing slurry, the low speed agitator impels the material to produce strong kneading interference movement and up-down/left-right circulation movement. So as to finally ensure the material is fully and evenly mixed (mixed).

1-6-1Revolution/mixing motor and frequency

converter,speed reducer

A. Quantity: one set;

B. Motor power: 0.75Kw/4P;

C. 0.75kw frequency conversion governor matched motor;

D. Equipped with the decelerator BL0, the deceleration ratio is about I=23, and the coefficient Fa= 1.0.

1-6-2 Planetary revolution speed

Speed: 0~50rpm (reference: ground), adjustable.

1-6-3 Wall scraper

Quantity: 1 set; Scraping material: SUS304 and Teflon; Consistent with the revolution speed.

1-7-1Mixing shaft/mixing speed

Speed: 0~60rpm(reference system: planetary box), or 0~110rpm (reference system: ground); Adjustable.

1-7-2 Mixing slurry

A. Material: SUS304; B. Quantity: two (groups); C. With Teflon(PTFE) scraper

1-7-3 Optional mix slurry form

A. Standard: straight frame type;

1-9 Lifting (barrel)

A, Hydraulic lifting: piston cylinder Φ 50 / D32 x S250; With double guide rod, positioning device; Safe and reliable positioning.

B. One set of hydraulic oil pump station, with one set of 0.37kw / 4P motor independently No oil leakage, low manic tone.

C. Lifting height:≤250 .

D. If there is a material press, it shall share a set of hydraulic oil pump stations with the press.

1-10 Vacuum system

A. The mixing and dispersing process can be carried out in A vacuum state; Vacuum degree:≤-0.098Mpa .

B. Self-prepared vacuum pump 2x-2.

C. With vacuum buffer tank and switch.

D.Dynamic seal: use mechanical seal; Static seal: use  O - shaped seal ring.

E. Keep the pressure for 24 hours, and the oil will not leak into the slurry while slurry under the pressure condition.

1-11 Positioning system

A. With positioning adjustment device and locking device, it can accurately locate mixing barrel and upper barrel body and prevent rotation.

B. Lower flange positioning stop of the upper barrel body is precisely matched with the mixing barrel to ensure the proper position of the mixing drum and the correct positioning.

1-12 Control system

(Manual operation control)

A. Manual operation control functions: vacuum start/stop in operation of the equipment, frequency conversion speed regulation, temperature display (or temperature control), lamp switch, lifting, and emergency stop in operation are all carried out on the operating disk.

1-13 Safe operation

A. Rely on the frequency converter and the limit stroke switch, through the specially designed control route, ensure that the barrel body rises to the specified position and stops automatically.

B. When the machine is running the mixture, the barrel body shall not be lowered and the mixing drum shall not be opened.

C. Using the proximity switch circuit design, ensure the vacuum state, the mixing barrel can't decline.

D. Special design of vacuum buffer tank can effectively prevent vacuum pump oil from   returning to mixing tank.

1-14 Temperature measurement method

A. The standard: 0-300 ℃, temperature measuring probe located close to the bottom of the barrel wall (or bottom), contact with the material and display the temperature.

1-15 Main engine power:0.75kw; Lifting motor power:0.37kw

Working voltage/frequency380V/50Hz/3Phasecontrol voltage220→24V

1-16 Dimension: L*W*H


2. Explain:

2-1 Sealing material

A. Static seal :Adopt silicon rubber/fluorine rubber/NBR "O" or "trapezoid" sealing ring, depending on working conditions

B. Motive seal: SiC-S fluorine rubber

2-2 Technical document

The supplier provides a full set of technical documents and technical specifications for the two-planet mixer (XJZH series of rubber hydraulic bucket )


3Quick-wear part:

3-1 Sealing ring

Material selection: fluorine rubber or other rubber "O" or "trapezoidal" seals, depending on working conditions.

Use (location): Mixing tank and tank cover, hopper, observation port, discharge plunger valve, etc

Quantity: 1set (the quantity is determined by the manufacturer's design criteria)

3-2 Scraper plate

A. Materials:PTFE wall  B. Quantity: 1set (the quantity is determined by the manufacturer's design criteria)

3-3 Glass sheet

Lamp / observation port: two pieces, matching with the corresponding machine type. Material : Stalinite






Our Packing and Shipping:


1 Standard exported package : Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box package

2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customer's requirements to suggest the most suitable shipping mode

3 Responsible for the damage during shipping process, change the damage part for free

4 Supply with suitable voltage input and power plug according to customer's country requirements.


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