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150mm Width Automatic Film Coater

150mm Width Automatic Film Coater

1.Built-in vacuum pump, small size, save space
2.Adjustable blade width
3.Accuracy 0.01mm
4.Touch screen control

Automatic Film Coater with Vacuum Chuck and Adjustable Doctor Blade For Battery Electrode Coating


TOB-TM300 is a Automatic Film Coater with Vacuum aluminum plate designed to produce films with consistent thickness by using micrometer adjustable applicators or fixed thickness applicators. It has an unique driving system to produce smooth coating on all types of materials. The flat vacuum chuck is built in to hold substrate sheet in place, which is particularly useful when coating on thin substrate and making uniform tape casting. One micrometer adjustable applicator is included for immediate use. This machine can be used for research on ceramic tape casting. crystal film, special nanometer film and Li-Ion battery electrode coating.

This model is without heating function, Heating lid is available at extra cost for drying . please select mode TOB-VFC-150 if we need hot function.

ModelFilm Coater Machine TOB-TM300
Working Voltage110V AC or 208 - 240V AC 50/60Hz Single Phase
Traverse Speed0 - 100 mm/sec variable

Accuracy: 10mm/sec

Max Stroke300 mm
Max. Coating Dimensions150mm(W) * 300mm(L)

Aluminum alloy flat vacuum chuck

Vacuum Chuck Dimensions: 410mm(L) *200mm(W) *30mm(H)

Film Applicator

One 150 mm width Micrometer Adjustable Film Applicator is included, 

with adjustable thickness from 0.01 mm - 3.5 mm

Traverse Pusher is included for pushing the doctor blade to ensure 

constant speed coating

Product Dimensions550mm(L) *310mm(W) * 330mm(H)
Net Weight50kg
WarrantyOne year limited warranty with lifetime support
Application Notes

Rolling is absolutely necessary to ensure good density and adhesion of electrode materials to 

the current collector substrate after coating. Please select a rolling press from here.

You may need a vacuum oven to dry the films after coating

You may need a vacuum mixer to remove air bubbles inside the slurry and to make all coatings uniform

You may need a Slurry Viscosity Tester to make coatings consistent  






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