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Coating Die Device Mold

1.Small lab coating device
2.Knife blade adjustment
3.Lab Film Applicator

Coating Die Device Mold

Coating Die Device Mold

Coating Die Device Mold

 1.The TOB-KTQ-50 Adjustable Film Applicator is a small lab coating device with 50mm coating width- This unique wet film applicator features micrometer heads for knife blade adjustment. 


2.The operator sets the blade clearance by adjusting the micrometers. This is excellent tool to make quality film for laboratories material research to make ceramic tape casting, battery electrodes, and various coating at lower cost. Stainless steel knife blade with precision ground edge.



50 mm standard width


Make wet film thickness between 0 - 6000 microns

Micrometer head's controllable accuracy

10 microns

Coating Die Device Mold

Die Device

Die Device

Die Device

Die Device

Important Notice.


   1Customers should be sure whether their countries are allowed to import this product purchasing.

   2If you`re unsure of whether your country allows these kinds of products or not.

   3we recommend you to contact the custom for confirmation.

   4We will not be responsible for losses due to customs confiscation.



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