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Laboratory Battery Vacuum Coating Machine

1. Source voltage: AC110V-240V, 50/60HZ
2. Power: 650W
3. Coating speed: 0-100mm/s
4. Slicker width: 0-150mm
5. Slicker adjustable range: 0.01-3.5mm

Automatic film coating machine with dryer and a touch screen control unit

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1. The TOB-VFC-150 Film coating machine with dryer is used for varies kinds of materials coating. 

2. It is supplied with vacuum pump and heating system, having an precision heating temperature up to 200°C.

3. The film coating machine is mainly used for lithium battery electrode coating for coin cell assemble and pouch cell research.


Vacuum Coating Machine TOB-VFC-150

Source voltage

AC 110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz



Coating Speed

0-100mm/s, Step-less transmission   Accuracy: 10mm/sec


Supply with dry function, vacuum pump

Stroke Length

10 - 250 mm adjustable by using Adjustable Position Switch


Aluminum alloy flat vacuum chuck 

Vacuum Chuck Dimensions: 365mm(L) * 200mm(W)*30mm(T)

Slicker width


Slicker adjustable width


Heating dry system

RT-200°C, Digital temperature controller

Temperature control accuracy





About 40kg


One Year limited warranty with lifetime support


1 One oil-less vacuum pump is included for immediate use

2 Heating system : Installed on the top cover

Built in digital temperature controller with accuracy of +/-1°C

Suspension support helps open cover easily and safely.

Max. Heating Rate:10°C/min

Max. Heating Temp.:200°C

3 One 150mm width micrometer adjustable film applicator is included

Traverse Pusher is included for pushing the Film Applicator to ensure the constant

coating speed

4 Equipped with touch screen, easy for operating, the running conditions is clearly visible

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