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Cylindrical Battery Ultrasonic Welding Machine

2.Source voltage:AC220V, 50HZ, can be customized
3.Application:For welding Li ion battery anode electrode sheets

Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine For Cylindrical Battery 18650 and Pouch Cell Anode Ni Tab And Single Copper Foil Welding


1 TOB-VS-40A Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine is an ultrasonic metal welder designed for welding Li ion battery anode electrode sheets copper foil and Ni tab onto current collectors to prepare Li-Ion pouch cells and cylinder cell in R&D laboratories and production line.

2 TOB-VS-40A Ultrasonic welding machine is with Automatic frequency tracking function, you don’t need to setting frequency always, simple operation.

Source voltageAC220V, 50HZ, can be customized
WarrantyOne Year limited warranty with lifetime support
TypeUltrasonic spot welding machine
Welding time0.05-9.99s
Air supply0.2-0.8MPa
Welding effect

Single layer of copper foil and Nickel strip or Nickel-Cu strip welding , belt melt, welding firmly

Welding ability

1 Materials : Battery anode electrode. (single layer copper foil and single piece Nickel/Ni-Cu strip)

 2 Copper foil thickness : 8-15um

 3 Nickel/Ni-Cu strip thickness : 0.06-0.12mm

 4 Welding mode : according to your requirements

 5 Welding area : can be customized

Dimension (L*W*H)

Power box : 400*170*300mm

Welding machine : 300*200*270mm






1. Are you manufacturer or trading company?

   We are manufacturer. All machine is made by ourselves and we can provide customize service according to your requirement.

2. How long have you been in the battery industry?

   We started in 2003, with 15 years of industry experience.

3. What are the main items you export?

   Our main exports are battery lab machines and making machines.

4. How about your transport packing? Is it possible to damage the machine during the transportation?

    We have rich experience on international transportation. All the packing are extra thickness carton filling with protective PE foam and waterproof membrane. No damage happened during transportation until now.

5. What's the warranty for the items?

    We are very confident in our products, and we pack them very well, so usually you will receive your order in good condition. Any quality issue, we will deal with it immediately.

    Warranty for equipment is a year (12 months), If the equipment parts are damaged due to non-human factors within one year, we will provide replacement parts free of charge.

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