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Electric Cylinder Cell Sealing Sealer Machine

Electric Cylinder Cell Sealing Sealer Machine

1.Application:For cylinder cell sealing used in glove box
2.Feature:Auto model for pilot line
3.Model: TOB-AF-650GB

Electric Cylinder Cell Sealing Machine Used in Glove Box


If just do lab research,choose TOB-AF-650GB-2,with pre-sealing and second sealing function.

If for production,choose TOB-AF-650GB-1,just with pre-sealing function,used in glove box,after pre-sealing,then take battery out and use auto sealing machine to do second,third sealing.

This equipment is specially developed for cylindrical battery sealing process. It is a high-precision battery sealing device, mainly used for sealing cylindrical batteries. This machine has pre-sealing and two sealing at one time. The performance is stable and reliable, the sealing efficiency is high, the product consistency is good, the operation is simple and easy to maintain, and it is suitable for small-quantity production of batteries.

If you want to used it for pilot production,and you don’t have enough budget to build drying room,you can choose TOB-AF-650GB-1,just do pre-sealing in glove box.after pre-sealing, you can do second ,third sealing outside glove box.

1.3The working principle is that the battery feeds the tank to drive the battery automatically, and the electric cylinder is used to control the cylinder to push the battery. The stepwise push feed feeds the battery into the mold in sequence. The upper sealing gas cylinder is sealed, and the huge pressure generated presses the battery casing and the cover to the size required by the process to achieve the purpose of sealing the battery.

Main technology parameters



Sealing range

14/18/26 type

Sealing speed

25-30pcs/min, adjustable

Working pressure


 Machine power

25W 220V/50Hz

Dimension/ size

830 (L) * 430 (w) * 900 (H) mm

Sealing step

pre-sealing and two-time linkage are completed at one time

Sealing pressure airtight test can reach

more than 2Mpa

Net weight


working pressure

0.4Mpa or more


 the equipment will automatically alarm and stop when it is lower than 0. 4Mpa;

Provide the main parts configuration of each part:

   Ø Yadeke  cylinder, Yadeke electrical original

Ø   OMRON Electric Control System

Ø SMC sensor

Ø  oil resistant booster cylinder 5T

Ø OMRON  Power 

Ø ZhengTai electric devices

Ø Safety light curtain protection device






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