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Lithium Ion Battery Making Coating Machine

Lithium Ion Battery Making Coating Machine

1).Coating Width:300mm
2).Warranty:One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
3).Application:For lithium battery electrode coating

300mm Width Lithium Battery Coating Machine With 6M Baking Oven 

Lithium ion Battery Coating Machine

coating machine

The lithium battery coating machine TOB-LIC-300 model coating machine is mainly used for Slurry drying process of lithium battery electrode coating. 

This battery electrode coating machine adopts interval and continuous coating mode, it can coat electrode with fixed width and length For winding process or stacking process.

Equipped with 3 sections baking oven for 6M length, can dry the electrode in a higher speed, it is mainly used for battery pilot scale producing and research.

For lab research,you can choose TOB-VFC-150,TOB-XT-200CA. TOB-SY300J,TOB-TBJ-180C......



Battery Coating Machine  TOB-LIC300

Source voltage

AC 220V/110V, 50/60HZ


One year limited warranty with lifetime support

Suitable material width

Aluminum foil : 150-300mm, Copper foil : 150-300mm

Suitable material thickness 

Aluminum foil : 11-30um, Copper foil : 9-30um

Suitable material diameter  


Suitable material weight 


Coating thickness

Cathode : 50-150um, Anode : 60-180um

Coating gap length


Coating length


Coating speed

Max 3m/min

Machine speed


Oven length

2m/section, 3 section ovens

Coating accuracy


≤ ±1mm, according to the slurry performance

Head, Tail, Border

≤ 5mm

Length error

≤ ±0.75mm

Coating width error

≤ ±0.5mm

Thickness error


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coating machine

Lithium ion Battery Coating Machine

coating machine

coating machine

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