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Glove Box With Two Antechambers Viewing Window

Glove Box With Two Antechambers Viewing Window

2.Long (operating room):1166mm
3.Roof width (upper part of the operating room):765mm
4.High (operating room up):900mm
5.Glass opening:707mm*285mm

Vacuum Glove Box for Lithium Battery Lab Research


 Vacuum glove box (also known as the vacuum inert gas tank) allows the test samples to be safe to put in and out. And the operation, reaction and test under the condition of no oxygen and absolute condition, to ensure the normal operation of the scientific experiment. This product is an ideal device for scientific experiment in Colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises.

1. Viewing window view, bright and wide.

2. Operating gloves using thick latex gloves, sealed reliable.

3. Stainless steel structure, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, no pollution.

4. The box is equipped with porous electric socket, which is convenient for scientific experiment.

5. The box can be equipped with electric furnace, local heating.

6. Use small filter room, fast, convenient and small samples, the maximum guarantee working environment in the studio, save the atmosphere and the operation time.

7. Market only two transition box, saves atmosphere and operation time. Ensure in studio work environment.

Long (operating room)1166 mm
Bottom width (maximum width of operating room)700 mm
Roof width (upper part of the operating room)765 mm
High (operating room up)900 mm
Front and lower (positive observation window glass)      high310 mm
Glass opening707mm*285mm
Anterior chamber diameter410 mm
Anterior chamber length

400 mm

Glove hole diameter

139 mm(three)



Lab vacuum glove box.jpg





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