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Dual Stainless Lab Glove Box-TOB-GB-2440

1.​H2O, O2:≤l ppm
2.Working gas:nitrogen, argon, helium (purity 99.5%)
3.The leak rate:≤0.05Vol% h (monthly leakage of oxygen <1L)

High Quality Dual Stainless Lab Glove Box-TOB-GB-2440



 Vacuum glove box (also known as the vacuum inert gas tank) allows the test samples to be safe to put in and out. And the operation, reaction and test under the condition of no oxygen and absolute condition, to ensure the normal operation of the scientific experiment. This product is an ideal device for scientific experiment in Colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises.

1.Working principle

  Case and purification system to form a closed space, inward injection of inert gas (nitrogen, argon, helium) making cycle, thereby removed the box of the active substance, to achieve the ideal of noble, high purity environment (water ,oxygen ≤lppm).

2. Basic Configuration

One - Housing made from 3mm - 304 Stainless Steel (acid resistant),Two single box to be flange connected. 2440mm(96") wide*750mm (29.5") deep*900mm(35.4") high, 900mm (35.4") Stand high

One - Antechamber made from Stainless Steel ,360mm(14.2") diameter x 600mm(23.6") long, right or left

One - Mini Antechamber , 150mm(5.9") diameter x 300mm(11.8.") long, right side

Two - Sight Glasses with 2 glove ports on each side, side by side

Two - Pairs of Butyl Gloves

Two - Lighting Systems

Two - Dust Filters: 0.3 µm - [One Gas Inlet Filter and One Gas Outlet Filter]

One - Stainless Steel Shelf with Two Shelves attaches to the back wall

One - High Performance Ventilator [90 cubic meters/hour]

One - Vacuum Pump [8 cubic meters/hour]

One - Electrical Feedthrough -Seven - Blind Flanges per KF 40

One - Foot Switch

Rollers for Stand

3. Specifications

  • Glove Box Dimensions: 2440(96”)mm wide x 750)mm(29.5” deep x 900mm (35.4”)high, Stand 900mm(35.4”) high

  • To be operated Side by side, with two gloves on each side.

  • Material for Box:3mm thick. 304 stainless steel, acid resistant

  • Windows - Safety Glass

  • Glove Ports – POM (Polyoxymethylen Plastic) 220mm(8.7”) diameter - Double O-ring sealed on each glove.

  • Gloves - Butyl - 8” cuff diameter - .015” Thick - 32” Length

  • Dust Filter - 0.3 µm - 1 gas inlet and 1 gas outlet filter

  • Shelves - Stainless - 2 layers - Mounted inside.

  • External Fluorescent Lights - 2 sets

  • One - Electric Feed-through - Seven- Blind Flanges KF 40


3.Main Antechamber

  • One - Large Antechamber - 304 Stainless Steel - 360mm(14.2”)Diam. - 600mm(23.6”) Long (R or L)

  • Sliding Tray on Stainless drawer slides

  • Spindle Lock Door with Vertical Operation

  • Touch Screen - Automatic via Solenoid


4.Mini Antechamber

  • One - Mini Antechamber - 304 Stainless Steel - 150mm(5.9”) Diam. - 300mm(11.8”) Long (R or L)

  • Screw Lock Door

  • Manual Operation via Hand Valve


5.Gas Purification

  • Removal of H2O and O2.

  • Gas Container - 304 Stainless Steel

  • Absorber Unit: Copper Catalyst: 4.5Kg - Molecular Sieve: 4.5Kg

  • Attainable Purity: H2O - Less than 1ppm; O2 Less than 1ppm

  • Capsulated Blower - 90 cubic meters/hour with frequency converter

  • Regeneration - PLC controls all processes including heating, filling mixed gas (working gas / 5-10%H2 mixture), etc.

6.System Control

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

  • Features include: Circulation Control, Purging Control, Regeneration Control, Pressure Control, as well as self-diagnosis, power failure re-start and password protection.

  • Siemens 7 inch color touch screen with operation interface, indication of status, box pressure, moisture and oxygen value and system records.

  • The pressure in the glove box can be controlled with either the foot pedals or the PLC. The pressure can be set between +/- 10mbar. If the pressure goes over +/- 12mbar the system with protect itself automatically.

  • * Various valves to be integrated into a valve-seat made of stainless steel,less pipe connectors to reduce leakage.


7.Vacuum Pump

  • Rotary Vane Pump with oil mist and gas ballast control. Capacity is 8 cubic meters/hour. Dual Stage portion with Ultimate vacuum at 3 x 10-2mbar

8.Key components



Vacuum Pump


Circulating Fan

DARGANG (Taiwang)

Water Analyzer

 (Germany OEM)

Oxygen Analyzer

 (Germany OEM)

Pressure Sensor


Purification Materials


Butyl Rubber Gloves


Electromagnetic Valve


Pipe Fittings


PLC & Touch Screen


Pressure Gauge


Integrated Valve Base



Single Station Glove Box TOB-GB-1220


Glove Box.jpg

Double Station Glove Box TOB-GB-2440

Glove Box.jpg

Glove Box

Side View Of Glove Box

Glove Box

Pront View Of Glove Box

Glove Box

Provide Different Kinds of Lab Glove Box



TOB-GB-1220 (9)


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