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Rapid Heating Furnace

Rapid Heating Furnace

1.Type:1200℃ Rapid heating furnace
2.Heating element:Rapid heating pipe
3.Thermocouple Type:S-type
4.Heating length:350mm
5.Model:TOB-DSP-1200 ℃-RTP 

1200 ℃ High Rapid Heating Furnace With Communication Interfaces and Software

Rapid Heating Furnace

Rapid Heating Furnace

1. Software System: The furnace is equipped with communication interfaces and software,

you can directly control the various parameters of the furnace through the computer,

and the computer was observed from the operation of the oven temperature PV and

SV value and the instrument, the actual oven temperature curve computer plotted in real time,

and each time the temperature data can be saved, can be retrieved at any time. (Optional)

2. The sealing system: pull button locking flange use, convenient, with silicone O-ring seal between the flange and squeeze the quartz tube, can be repeated withdraw unloading,

air tightness, pressure gauge pointer can guarantee 12 hours not deflected, vacuum up 10-1Pa.

3. Vacuum system (optional): VRD-16 can be pumped to a vacuum pump or can be pumped 10-4Pa 10-1Pa molecular pump.

4. Furnace material: furnace materials imported from Japan, can not afford to powder,

good thermal insulation properties, high reflectivity, temperature field balance,

heat up the strong shrink capacity.

5. Heating element: Using rapid heating lamp.

6. leakage protection: The furnace installed air switch leakage

when the furnace drain off automatically, in order to ensure safety of use.


TOB-DSP-1200 ℃-RTP  

Rapid heating furnace



Reaction chamber size






Heating element

Rapid heating pipe

Temperature control mode

Yudian temperature control 

30 sections can only use PID temperature regulation.

FP93 temperature control (from Japan)

(Replace imported instruments, for an additional fee)

1,40 section program temperature control can be divided into 4,2, group program, if the program is divided into four groups,

 each program segment 10,

2,6 group PID control, low, medium and high temperature can 

each with a set of PID, such that each segment is capable of controlling the

 temperature is very accurate.

Temperature control accuracy

+/- 1 ℃

Temperature Repeatability

+/- 1 ℃

 Temperature measurement accuracy

+/- 0.2 ℃

 Temperature field balance

+/- 2 ℃

 Temperature status process time

2-100 (100-1050 ℃)


Three-phase phase-shift trigger  soft start


106 / 16E Germany Semikron

Max temperature

1200 ℃

Rated temperature

1100 ℃

 Stable operating temperature

100-1000 ℃

The fastest heating rate

300 ℃ / S

Cooling rate

1~300, can be used to open or remove the tube furnace cooling started 

simultaneously cooling gas flow meter control valve controlled cooling.

Thermocouple Type


Heating length


Vacuum degree

1.General vacuum and drive gas out by:TW-1.5A

2.2XZ-2 Vacuum degree pumps can be able to get around 10Pa

3.TOB-DSP-VS 0.1vacuum system can pumped 0.1Pa 

(and equipped with a resistive vacuum gauge display)

4、TOB-DSP-VS high vacuum system (which is composed of molecules and mechanical pump) 

enables vacuum degree pumped 10-3 Pa.

Surrounding surface temperature


Security System

With the furnace air switch and fuse, when the current exceeds the rated current

 of open space, meeting space automatically jump open, effective protection 

electric stove.

Rapid Heating Furnace

Rapid Heating Furnace

Provide One-Stop Solution For Lithium ion Battery Making

High Temperature Muffle Furnace

Rapid Heating Furnace

Rapid Heating Furnace.jpg

Rapid Heating Furnace


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2.Where is your factory located?

Our factory is in China guangdong province.

3.Can we visit your factory?

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Within one year, if there has any problem which not caused by people,we will send you free machine parts,you just need bear the shipping cost.

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