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10 Sets Of 5V6A Battery Tester Send To Canada
Jan 05, 2019

On Dec 28th, we have send 10 sets of 5V6A battery tester to Canada. For his laboratory research. 

TOB-CT-4008-5V6A-S1 battery tester is an idea tester for bothe cylinder cell and pouch cell. 

If you need more than 6 sets, we will send you a free machine shelf,you can put all battery tester in one shelf. 

This battery can connect with computer,with english operate software,after test, you can analyse all data in your computer,also you can download the test data.

If you also want to test the temperature, you can add an temperature auxiliary channel.

If you want discharge to 0V, you can choose TOB-CT-4008-5V6A-S1-F,also suitable for supercapacitor.

If you are interested about it,please do not hesitate to contact with us.

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