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18650 Battery Pack Spot Welder
Aug 09, 2018

I believe everyone knows what Tesla is. It’s high tech, high speed and super cool car. I believe if you are a cool man, you will choose Tesla as your ride. OK, here’s my point now. What’s the power of Tesla? Do you ever consider about that? Yes, just like my title--18650 battery which lead to my next question--How 18650 can give Tesla so much energy? The answer will be Connection. One 18650 battery will never give Tesla enough power. So the solution is Connect them together! What you need is just a Spot Welder. TOB-HDP-3000S is a suitable equipment for 18650 connection. It’s easy use, safe and most important thing, good quality of Spot weld for 18650 battery.

Do you ever consider where to find it? This way please!

18650 Battery Pack Spot Welder.jpg

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