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Acrylic PET Strapping Adhesive Tape
Nov 22, 2018

The Adhesive Tape for the Packing of Lithium Battery is made of PET film backing and single side coated with acrylic adhesive. It’s provided with high performance in electrical insulation and heat-resistance, excellent adhesion and can be easily peeled off without residue. The material is environmental friendly and ROHS complied.

Used on parts of lithium battery and for adhesion, packing, wrapping and holding purposes on battery assembling process.

When a lot of electronics only have a little space, this may lead to everything from voltage to short circuits. Adhesive tapes that discharge, protect and ground ensure the necessary conditions – also for the user. They glue just as reliably as other adhesive tapes. They also balance out electrical potential, discharge static charges and connect metallic conductor tracks and housing parts safely to each other. Nickel and copper are worked into the adhesive tape for this use. Such adhesive tape has another advantage for the electrical industry: it is suited for almost every area of use due to its low thickness and helps with every design.

Adhesive  Tape

Let us stick with electronics. Everyone who has heard of someone who knows someone who has a friend whose smartphone fell in the bathtub knows how damaging moisture is for electronic high-end devices. In the production of smartphones etc., however, we are speaking of very different quantities of moisture. Namely not of bathtub amounts, but of the finest steam that may not enter into the device. For the production of smartphone displays, the permitted amount of steam permeability is, for example, a 100,000th of what it is for the production of a milk carton.

So-called barrier adhesive tapes help with this: at room temperature they seal the LEDs of a smartphone display for many years, preventing any moisture in the air from getting in. Special DrySeal® liner technology in the separating foil of the adhesive tape also ensures that the remaining moisture from the adhesive will be soaked up like a sponge during transport to the place of use.


1. What adhesive is used in scotch tape?

Rubber adhesives used with tape is based on natural or synthetic rubbers and formulated with tackifying resins, oils and antioxidants. Rubber is the most cost effective PSA and offers quick stick capability.

2. What is tape used for? 

tape. a long, narrow strip of linen, cotton, or the like, used for tying garments, binding seams or carpets, etc. a long, narrow strip of paper, metal, etc. a strip of cloth, paper, or plastic with an adhesive surface, used for sealing, binding, or attaching items together; adhesive tape or masking tape.

3. What is acrylic adhesive used for?

Acrylic adhesive pastes can be used for virtually any type of application, but are most commonly used for wood, glass, metal, and waterproof items. Acrylic adhesive pastes can also be used in conjunction with liquid acrylic adhesives and are usually used to “sandwich” two objects together for a permanent bond.

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