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Adhesive Tape For The Packing Of Lithium Battery
Nov 12, 2018

We need tape for our daily life and we also need tape for lithium making. What we have today is TOB-0030PAP, Adhesive Tape for the Packing of Lithium Battery

What it can do? The tape is made of PET film backing and single side coated with acrylic adhesive. It’s provided with high performance in electrical insulation and heat-resistance, excellent adhesion and can be easily peeled off without residue. The material is environmental friendly and ROHS complied.

Adhesive Tape for battery

We, TOB company, as a professional lithium ion battery producing machine and material supplier, who has specialized in this field for more than 16 years. If you are interested in lithium ion battery making, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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