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Battery Cathode/Anode Electrode Supplier
Nov 23, 2018

If you are interested in lithium ion battery making, and If you only have the latter process or need special request, please contact with us. The double promotion of product quality and service quality is the unremitting pursuit of battery electrode energy. Welcome to contact with us about the electrode cooperate.

Provide Lithium ion battery electrode with different cathode material,including LiFePO,Licoo,NCM......and other cathode material. Each cathode electrode has related anode electrode.

For size,it can be customized. Also provide electrode after slitting and cutting, so that can suitable for your battery size.

battery electrode

Our advantage for electrode provide:

1.not only provide large quantity, but also sample quantity for laboratory research.

2.Introduction of advanced materials from abroad to improve the capacity of lithium-ion batteries.

3.Develop new kinds of batteries to provide technical reserves for battery replacement in the next five to ten years.

4.Put in and build new equipment, realize the advantage of large-scale production and further reduce the cost of mass production 

If you are interested about this machine,please do not hesitate to contact with TOB freely.

Contact (Engineer & Sales): Miss Ailsa