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Battery Pack Equipment Delivery To India
Aug 13, 2018

Battery Pack is widely used in E-bike,solar pannel etc......

How to make battery pack?how to make high quality battery pack?

TOB NEW ENERGY as specialist in this field,supply all battery pack equipment and technical support.

You need below machine:

1.     TOB-BT0502-512-C/ TOB-BT05002-512-LP Battery Forming and Grading Machine, to sort out different kinds of capacity cells.

2.     TOB-FX-10 Battery Voltage and Internal Resistance Sorter.

3.     Battery Insulation Paper Padding Machine

4.     TOB-DH-10000 Auto Welding Machine,also provide manual welding machine.

5.Automatic testing machine, Prevent the positive and negative position error or the positive and negative direction detection when the employee installs the cell.

6.Battery Pack Performance Tester,Suitable for detecting the performance and internal resistance,Voltage. Charging current. Discharge current Overcharge current. Overdischarge current. Current protection and other functional testing.

7.Aging cabinet,used for detection battery pack internal resistance,

voltage,capacity,and charging and discharging state.

Battery Pack Testing Machine,according to your battery voltage and capacity,to suggest you suitable tester. 

Battery Pack Equipment.jpg

If you are interested about machine,please contact with TOB freely.

Contact (Engineer & Sales): Miss Ailsa