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Electric Coin Cells Sealing Crimping Machine
Jun 01, 2018

A gentleman from India bought an Electric Coin cells sealing machine from us today.

Our goods are on the road within five days. For the safety of the packaging, our packaging case is a customized wooden box with foam inside to protect the safety.

TOB-DF-160 coin cell crimper is a newly designed coin-cell sealing machine with lighter weight. It weight 28kg, and shipping weight is 35kg.

It has many advantages,

1.The lower die with high precision positioning ring spacing, control the battery package height.

2.The upper die is provided with a sealing cup inner screw spring mechanism, ensure in case the battery sealing clamp can’t be removed, only the top screw was locked and the button battery out.

3.By using aluminum alloy and high strength steel, surface after the environmental protection electroplating processing will never rust.

 sealing Crimping Machine.jpg

Electric Coin cells sealing Crimping Machine.jpg

If you have any needing, please contact our salesman:

Contact (Engineer & Sales): Mr.Kevin



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