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Experimental Essential Tool—lab Pipettes
Nov 15, 2018

More than a hundred years ago, the elite in the lab began using pipettes to transfer liquids. The so-called pipette is a hollow glass tube with one to N scales on it. Insert the glass tube into the liquid and use the mouth on the other end of the tube (in the beginning, our elite can only use their precious mouth to dry the work) or wash the ear to suck the liquid into the tube, while above The scale tells us how much liquid is inside. After filling the amount we need, plug the end of the aspiration with your thumb, then place the tube in another container and let the liquid in the tube flow into the second container. This way we will be able to transfer the liquid!

However, with the progress of society, the elites found that the pipe was not easy to use, tired and slow, and it was not very clean. So the lazy thoughts accumulated in the brain, accumulated, and then broke out - so the pipette was born! That is to say, pipettes and pipettes have the same effect, the only difference is: First, the accuracy is higher (based on the accuracy of some new pipettes compared to the old pipettes) Sex is also very good); Second, higher efficiency (easy to operate); Third, the structure is more complicated (pipette is a tube, while pipettes are composed of dozens of parts); Fourth, the function is more Powerful (in addition to pipetting, many pipettes have many functions); five, and most importantly, the price is higher! (The price of high technology will definitely be higher.)



1. How does a pipette work?

The liquid, in contrast, is taken up into a disposable pipette tip and then dispensed... The piston moves the air cushion and the liquid is thus taken up into the pipettetip or dispensed out of it. The air cushion thus works like an elas- tic spring, to which the liquid sticks.

2. What does a pipette measure?

The "volumetric" or "transfer" pipette measure a particular volume to high accuracy. (The three pipettes at the top of Figure 1 are volumetric pipettes designed to deliver 25, 20 and 10 mL, respectively.) Volumetric pipettes are designed such after a fluid is dispensed, a small drop of liquid will remain in the tip.

3. What is automatic pipette?

An automated pipetting system is generally a device which performs programmed transfers of liquid between preselected groups of containers.

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