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How Did The Lithium Ion Battery Develop
Feb 07, 2019

As a trend of new energy development,how did the lithium ion battery develop?

1962, The active metal lithium was first introduced into the battery design by the U.S. military laboratory, this is the birth of Lithium ion battery prototype .

1973, The lithium fluorocarbon primary battery was jointly invented by Panasonic Corporation of Japan and the US military and is planned for space exploration.

1980,Lithium ion battery cathode material LiCoO2 is discovered by Japanese scientist in Oxford.

1985, Development battery cathode with LiCoO2.Akira Yoshino of Asahi Corporation of Japan has completely eliminated lithium metal and completed the world's first commercially available alkaline lithium-ion battery which containing lithium. 

1989, The electromagnetic induction effect of polyelectrolyte was discovered by A.Manthiran and Goodenough to produce higher voltage.

1991, Sony and Asahi unveil first publish commercial lithium-ion batteries, widely used in consumer electronics.

1999, Lithium polymers were officially put into commercial production, and eight companies, including Panasonic, produced them that year


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