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How To Improve The Energy Density Of Power Battery?
Aug 27, 2018

Energy density means The amount of energy stored in a given unit of space or mass. The energy density of the battery is the electric energy released by the average battery unit volume or mass . The energy density of the battery is generally divided into two dimensions: weight energy density and volume energy density.

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How to improve battery energy density?

1.Increase battery size:The most familiar example is that Tesla, a leading electric car company that used the Panasonic 18650 battery, will replace the new 21700 battery.

2.Chemical system reform:Since the energy density of anode material is much higher than cathode electrode, increasing energy density should be upgraded continuously.

3.System energy density:Improving Group efficiency of Battery packs

3.1Optimization of layout structure, from the aspect of shape and size, can optimize the internal layout of the system, so that the battery package internal parts layout more compact and efficient

3.2Optimization,Under the premise of ensuring the rigidity strength and the reliability of the structure, the weight loss design is realized through simulation calculation

3.3Material selection:we can choose low density material,For example, the battery pack cover has gradually changed from the traditional sheet metal cover to a composite cover, which can reduce weight about 35%. For the battery pack lower box, it has gradually changed from the traditional sheet metal scheme to the aluminum profile project. The weight reduction is about 40%, and the light weight effect is obvious.

3.4Integrated vehicle design:Integrated vehicle design and overall design of the vehicle structure, sharing common structural components as much as possible,, such as anti-collision design, achieve extreme lightweight.

Battery is a very comprehensive product, you want to improve the performance of one side, may be at the expense of other aspects of performance, which is the basis of battery design research and development

The power battery if for vehicle, so the energy density is not the only measure of battery quality.

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