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Large-size Battery Equipment Shipped To Russia
Jul 02, 2018

Today is a busy day, we all day in the busy for the goods will be sent to Russia, this time we need to transport is all some big guy, the coating machine, rolling machine, glove box and so on, enough to a container the container was full.They are not easily packaged. This requires us to make a lot of effort.The first thing we need to do is seal them up and then pack them. You can imagine how our tiny body to move them. 

This reminds me of ants. They can unite to move a monster, and we humans are the same. Unity is power. The power of the team is very strong, united and will eventually overcome any difficulties.

TOB is such a team. We have maintained a good team atmosphere for 15 years. Our professional skills, first-class team and first-class service make us become the leader of the battery industry step by step.

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