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Li Ion Battery Electrolyte Filling Machines Ship To USA
Dec 14, 2018

TOB-ZYJ-02 Vacuum linear Li ion Battery Electrolyte Filling Machines is used for lithium battery electrolyte injection with high precision and simple operation.

This vacuum filling machine can be used for various cylindrical cell cases including CR123,18650 26650, 32650 and AA with changing clamps.

On Dec 13th, we send one set of TOB-ZYJ-02 Li ion Battery Electrolyte Filling Machines to USA, for customer’s cylinder cell pilot line use.

Li ion battery electrolyte filling machines

If you are want filling machine to do lab research, you can choose TOB-EF-50 or TOB-JLB-10 small electrolyte filling machine.

If you are interested about this machine,please do not hesitate to contact with TOB freely.

Contact (Engineer & Sales): Miss Ailsa