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Lithium Polymer Cell Lab Edge Hotting Machine
Oct 29, 2018

This cell edge hotting machine is used for Lithium polymer cell Edge hot shaping after edge folding.


1. This cell edge hotting machine temperature can be adjusted by temperature controller, observed by LCD display, easy to operate.

2. Pressure can be adjusted to reach different technology.

3. It’s deigned with IR safety protection device, temperature anomaly alarm function.

4. Use screen and casing protection, guarantee safety.

5. With abnormal temperature alarm function.

6. Hot pressing time, temperature and pressure can be adjusted.

7. Use automatic and semi-automatic control, easy to operate.

8. Exquisite appearance, sheet metal using three-dimensional geometric design, concise and beautiful.

9. Easy to operate, safe, reliable, small size.

Working Principle

This cell edge hotting machine uses the thermostat, thermocouple control heat pipe heat transfer to the pressure plate to reach the set temperature, and then under the action of the cylinder pressure in the upper and lower template on the core, at the same time, the heat of the heating template is transmitted to the electric core so that the core is stably formed under certain temperature and pressure.

edge hotting machine


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