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Most Popular Magical Battery Crimping Machine
Jul 13, 2018

This hydraulic crimping machine is a newly designed coin-cell sealing machine with lighter weight. The crimper is suitable for sealing various types of coin cells such as CR2032,CR2025,and CR2016 with adjust the sealing line and without changing the die. It can also crimp CR2325, CR2450, AG3, AG5 and other special size cases with optional die sets.

Crimping machine.jpg

It has 5 major advantages:

1 . It is beautifully shaped and suitable for university laboratories or research institutes.

2 . Small size for easy placement.

3 . Light weight, easy to move.

4 . Good quality, CE certification.

5 . One year warranty.

If there are special requirements, can be customized.

If you have any needing,please contact our salesman:

Contact (Engineer & Sales): Mr.Kevin