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Multipurpose Nickel Foam Rare Foamed Metal Material
Aug 31, 2018

Nickel foam is an excellent sound absorbing material with high sound absorption coefficient at high frequencies; its sound absorption structure can improve its sound absorption performance at low frequencies. Nickel foam is also one of the best electrode materials for the manufacture of cadmium-nickel and hydrogen-nickel batteries.

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Nickel foam use: 

1. Nickel foam can used for precious metal recycling.

2. Nickel foam can used for electrode material foe new rechangeable battery.

3. Nickel foam can used for kitchen filter for oil/smoke for hotel & resterant.

4. Nickel foam can used for burner surface panel.

5. Nickel foam can used for filter material.

The size of nickel foam can be customized.

By the way our company specializes in all equipment and materials for lithium batteries for 16 years.

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