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NMC Battery Cathode Material
Sep 17, 2018

What’s your first image when you heard NMC? For god sake, who cares? You may say that. But scientist will care. The high tech engineer will care. Because it’s the necessary material for battery making. Sure, not just for battery making, it can used in many field too. We provide 4 kinds of NCM,NCM111,NMC532,NCM622 and NCM811 . If you are interested in them? Why are you waiting? Fear about the quality? Don’t worry about that since we have been doing this for 16 years! Quality promise for sure.

We, TOB company, as a professional lithium ion battery producing machine and material supplier, who has specialized in this field for more than 16 years. If you are interested in lithium ion battery making, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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