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Pure Carbon Anode Material Can Make Electric Vehicles Run For 600 Kilometers
Jul 18, 2018

According to the Keda Coal Chemistry Research Institute, a special carbon anode material for high-capacity high-density lithium batteries with pure carbon as the main component was introduced in the hospital. At present, a new electric vehicle lithium battery based on this material has been in Chengdu Nanguang. The new energy company officially trial production.

It is understood that in the power system of new energy electric vehicles, the capacity of lithium batteries (ie, the energy density of battery cells) depends entirely on the composition of the anode materials of lithium ion batteries.

Dr. Liu Changguo, chief engineer of Chengdu Nanguang New Energy Co., Ltd., said that since the localization of lithium batteries, the anode electrode materials have been using natural graphite as the main component, and the technical bottlenecks such as long charging time and low monomer capacity density have caused the mileage of new energy vehicles in China. Difficult to break the limit of 300 kilometers.

From the experimental data and product performance test, this lithium battery prepared from a new material can achieve a cruising range of 600 kilometers.

He Feng, the inventor of the technology and the general manager of Yulin Keda Coal Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd., said that the energy storage materials of the new single cells have abandoned traditional natural graphite in research and development, and made pure carbon by physical and chemical methods. High-density lithium battery anode material.

Experiments show that the new negative electrode material has a gram capacity of 2200 mAh/g, and the negative electrode plate has a compaction density of more than 2.0 g/cm3. It is matched with a ternary material for cathode electrode and lithium cobalt oxide. The mass energy density of the lithium battery can exceed 350 Wh/ Kg.

"In addition, the charging time of lithium batteries based on new materials is no more than 15 minutes, which is beyond the reach of traditional batteries. After testing, the temperature of the new material battery is always normal during charging and use." He Feng said.

Liu Changguo said that experts in the field of domestic new energy power batteries have expressed concern that domestic lithium batteries can achieve a monomer energy density of 350Wh/kg in 2020, and the new batteries being tested have surpassed this goal.

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