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Automatic Induction Manual Electrode Die Cutter Machine TOB-MQ-400
Aug 06, 2018

This Semi Automatic Die Cutter machine adopts Safety Curtain built in the front of the machine and double start button ensures operation safety when electrode sheets are fed from the front.

High speed, high accuracy,long lifetime to make cutter electrode without burr, to get a good consistency.

Many people have the following questions:

1.What are the main characteristics of the cutting tool material?

1)Tool material must be at least 30 to 50% harder than the work piece material.

2)Tool material must have high hot hardness temperature.

3)High toughness.

4)High wear resistance.

5)High thermal conductivity.

6)Lower coefficient of friction.

7)Easiness in fabrication and cheap.

2.What kind of material is this equipment used for cutting?

Mainly used for industrial pouch cell cutting.

3.What is the warranty time?

One year warranty

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If there are special requirements, can be customized

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