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Small Battery Roll Press Machine
Nov 16, 2018

TOB-703B-400*450mm/200T system battery roll press machine is a high precision Oil pressure control roller press machine. It has dual rollers of 400mm dia.* 450mm width. This battery roll press machine is an ideal rolling press for adjusting thickness and increasing active material density of the electrode in Li-Ion batteries research after coating and drying for producing..

This model battery roll press machine is with 200T pressure, The operator adjust the press pressure to get best effect battery electrode density according to battery design.

Battery Roll Press Machine

Roll film transportation technology

We have the technology to transport film for optics application with high accuracy without scratches.

Battery Material Handling

Some materials used for secondary batteries, such as lithium-ion etc., need special handling.  The electrode should be handled at high speed without causing damage to fragile active material.  In the electrolyte, special consideration is required for prevention of the generation of precipitation and corrosion gas.  We have extensive experience in dealing with such battery material.

Battery roll press machine press

We have technology and experience to respond to various types of press such as air, hydraulic pressure and servo etc.  We have wide range of results from hand press of test production level to machine to produce products with high accuracy and high quality controlling speed with servomotor and torque.


1 We supply machines with battery technology support.

2 We can also supply a full set of materials for lithium battery including polymer battery, cylinder battery, mobile phone battery, EV battery.

3 We can also supply a full set of lithium battery equipment for lab research, pilot scale research and production line.

4 We can also supply a full set of battery technology for battery design, research and producing.

Double-win is our principle

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