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The Role Of Solid Electrolyte Interface Film
Sep 25, 2018

SEI film,full name is “Solid electrolyte interface”. that’s means,it is a passive film with solid electrolyte properties.SEI is an excellent conductor of Li+, which can transport lithium ion into graphite surface and deintercalate lithium.At the same time, it is also a good electronic insulator, which can effectively reduce the internal short-circuit probability and improve the self-discharge.

More importantly, it can effectively prevent the co-embedding of solvent molecules and avoid the destruction of electrode materials caused by co-embedding of solvent molecules, which greatly improves the cycle performance and service life of the electrode.

Solid Electrolyte Interface Film.png

However, SEI consumes some lithium ions during the formation process, which increases the irreversible capacity of the first charge and discharge and decreases the charge and discharge efficiency of electrode materials. In the process of circulation, the increasing of sei, consumption of electrolyte will cause the accelerated attenuation of capacity. 

The SEI film increases the lithium ion transport impedance at the interface and decreases the kinetics of the system. 

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