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Summary Of Lithium Battery Explosion Causes
Dec 26, 2018

Insufficient capacity of anode electrode: when this happen,Some or all of the lithium generated during charging cannot be inserted into the interlayer structure of the anode graphite, and will be deposited on the surface of the anode to form a protruding " dendritic crystal", which is more likely to cause the release of lithium at the next charge. Precipitation, after tens to hundreds of cycles of charge and discharge, the "dendrites crystal" will grow up, and finally pierce the separator, causing a short circuit inside. The battery discharged abruptly, generating a large amount of heat, burning the separator,, causing a larger short circuit phenomenon. The high temperature will decompose the electrolyte into gas, and the anode carbon and separator will burn, causing the internal pressur too large. when the cell's casing can not bear, the cell will explode.

Excessive moisture content:The water can react with the electrolyte in the battery to produce a gas. When charging, it can react with the generated lithium to form lithium oxide, which causes the lost of battery capacity.It is easy to overcharge the battery to generate gas. Water with Low decomposition voltage, it is easy to decompose and generate gas when charging. When the gas generated in this series will increase the internal pressure of the cell, when the cell's casing can not bear, the cell will explode.

Internal short circuit:Due to the internal short circuit phenomenon, the battery discharges in a large current, generates a large amount of heat, burns the separator, and causes a larger short circuit phenomenon, so that the battery generates high temperature, which decomposes the electrolyte into gas, causing excessive internal pressure. when the cell's casing can not bear, the cell will explode.

Upper tape:During laser welding, heat is conducted through the casing to the anode tab, so that the temperature of the cathode tab is high. If the upper adhesive tape does not separate the cathode tab and the separator, the hot tab will cause the separator to burn out or shrink, resulting in an internal short circuit. And formed an explosion.

High temperature adhesive tape wraps the anode tab:When welding anode tab, the heat is transferred to the anode tab. If the high temperature adhesive tape is not attached, the heat on the anode tab will burn the separator, causing an internal short circuit and forming an explosion.

Overcharge:When the cell is overcharged, the lithium of the cathode electrode is excessively released, which will change the structure of anode electrode, and too much release of lithium will can’t into the anode electrode, which is easy to cause lithium deposition on the surface of the anode electrode, and when the voltage reaches 4.5 V or higher, The electrolyte decomposes to produce a large amount of gas. All of the above may cause an explosion.

External short circuit:External short circuit may be caused by improper operation or misuse. Due to external short circuit, the battery discharge current is very large, which will cause the battery to heat up. The high temperature will cause the inside separator to shrink or completely deteriorate, causing internal short circuit and thus exploding.

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