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TOB — The Supplier Of Vacuum Seal Single Position Glove Box
Jul 20, 2018

Many people have the following two questions:

1.What is the glove box?

A glove box is a sealed container that is designed to allow one to manipulate objects where a separate atmosphere is desired.It is also possible to use a glove box for manipulation of items in a vacuum chamber.

2.what is it used for?

In the process of scientific experiments, some of the material under the atmospheric conditions is extremely easy oxidation and deliquescence, this makes experimental material of chemical reactions and samples of the front–end processing is very difficult, affecting test process and test results. Glove boxes are used to prevent contact between potentially hazardous materials with the outside environment or operating personnel. Some of these materials or processes may be sensitive to ambient environment and hence need to be worked with under isolated conditions. This is achieved by containing such a substance within the glove box equipment.

TOB — One of the best suppliers of vacuum sealed single-position glove boxes.We provide single station, single operation, integrated with a single column purification unit, PLC touch screen operation control, vacuum pump, bracket, a closed box, with operating surface tilt and detachable safety glass front window. Under normal conditions, namely the 20 constant temperature, a standard atmosphere, inert gas 99.999%, water and oxygen index less than 1 ppm.

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