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TOB-XFZH05 New Design Vacuum Planetary Mixer
May 22, 2018

A good Vacuum Mixer is important for lithium ion battery making.High quality vacuum planetary mixer will help to mixing the battery raw material in a good condition,so that improve the battery performance.

TOB-XFZH05 New Design Vacuum Planetary Mixer

1. 2.7L  and 5L  Elective volume,

2. Vacuum Planetary Mixing function,

3. Water jacket can get through cooling water.

4. with temperature display,can know it’s current temperature easily.

5. With dispersing function ,

6. Scratch the Wall function,

7. If you also need Slurry Iron removal, you can add filter and transport system.

Today,we have send one set of this Vacuum Planetary Mixer to USA,for lithium ion battery produce.

Vacuum Planetary Mixer.jpg

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