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Vacuum Glove Box With Water And Oxygen Less Than 1PPM
Sep 10, 2018

Glove box, is necessary equipment of Lithium Ion Battery Making Equipment.If your reach will use lithium metal,you have to choose glove box which with water and oxygen less than 1ppm.

We guarantee to provide high quality after sale service,and guarantee to assist you install it.

On September 6, 2018,we help our customer from Singapore to install the glove box successful, and is favorably accepted by them.

vacuum glove box.jpg

lab glove box.jpg

glove box.jpg

So if you are planing to buy Vacuum Gove Box from abroad,but you just worried about the after sale service. We can say “choose us,please rest assured”

If you are interested about this machine,please do not hesitate to contact with TOB freely.

Contact (Engineer & Sales): Miss Ailsa