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Vacuum Planetary Mixer Mixing Machine For Lithium Battery
Jul 30, 2018

1. TOB-XFZH30 Vacuum Planetary Mixer is a vacuum mixing machine with 30 liter containers and complete accessories for immediate use.

2. The TOB-XFZH adopts Low-speed stirrer scattered and installed on the high-speed shaft of zigzag dispersion plate with both rotation and revolution; At the same time combined with stirring Plasma low clearance design, low speed impeller make the material produces strong kneading movement interference and control/up and down and circular motion; High speed dispersion plate is strong shear break up material, So as to ultimately ensure that materials are fully dispersed and mixed evenly (mixed).

3. TOB-XFZH30 Vacuum Planetary Mixer is excellent for preparing LiCoO3, LiFePO4, phosphors and ceramic slurry with excellent results in dispersion and uniformity.

Many people have the following two questions:

What does planetary mixer mean?

Planetary Mixers are one type of Mixer defined by the orbit of the agitator carrying the Mixer Attachments around the mixing bowl. The major difference between a Planetary Mixer and a Standard Mixer is that the spinning blades of a Planetary Mixer are carried around the bowl in a circular/elliptical pattern.

What is the mixer machine temperature test mode?

0-300 , the temperature measuring probe located close to the bottom of the barrel wall (or bottom), contact with the material and display the temperature.

What is the planetary mixer machine Basic structure?

A, Electric lifting barrel.

B, Single direct material temperature measurement model.

C, Monodisperse shaft + double stirring shaft + belt wall.

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