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What Are The Specific Lithium Battery Production Equipment?
Jan 15, 2018

What are the specific battery production equipment?

99.9% purity Lithium chips for coin cell battery.jpg

1; Lithium battery equipment:

Ball Mushroom Machine, Baking Oven, Vacuum Oven, Vacuum Mixer, Coater, Film Tipping Machine, Slitting Machine, Slitting Machine, Riveting Machine, Rolling Machine, Heating Shaping Machine, Peeling Centrifuge, Vacuum Auto Liquid injection machine, vacuum sealing machine, steel ball automatic sealing machine, spot welding machine, tunnel furnace, current, voltage, resistance tester,

2; button battery equipment:

Ball Mounter, Blow Bake Oven, Vacuum Oven, Vacuum Mixer, Positive Pelletizer, Pole Shaper, High Speed Sealing Machine, Manual Sealing Machine, Spot Welder, Tunnel Furnace, Current.

3; Nickel hydrogen. Nickel compartment battery equipment:

Ball Mushroom, Baking Oven, Vacuum Oven, Vacuum Mixer, Mixer, Pulper, Pulverizer, Tabletting Machine, Dispenser, Punching Machine, Softening Machine, Spot Welder, Stripper , Burr shaping machine, roll Rao machine, into the shell machine, roll groove machine, liquid injection machine, high speed and efficient sealing machine, battery washing machine, tunnel furnace, current. Voltage. Resistance Tester,

4; polymer battery equipment:

Aluminum film hemming machine, vacuum sealing machine, the top of the sealing machine, trimming machine, Pole plastic machine, spot welding, current. Voltage. Resistance Tester

5; alkaline manganese battery equipment:

Feeding machine, mixing powder machine, tabletting machine, granulator, sieve powder machine, graphite spray machine, negative mix zinc paste machine, roll diaphragm machine, ring machine, into the ring machine, glue machine, Die on the sets (including electrolytic tuck) machine, electro-hydraulic infiltration machine, plus zinc paste machine, the negative Ding into the machine, unloading machine, tie machine, crimping machine, straightening machine, lifting the connection machine,

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