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Electrochemical Tank

Electrochemical Tank

1.Name:Electrochemical Tank
2.Model:Single layer five port Electrochemical Tank
3.Sealing:PTFE lid sealing
5.Delivery time:7-10 days

Single Layer Five Port Electrochemical Tank For Electrochemical Study

Electrochemical Tank.jpg

Electrochemical Tank.jpg

In the battery, electrode generally refers to the redox reaction occurs and the electrolyte solution position. The electrode is divided into positive and negative, generally positive as anode, electron gain, reduction reaction occurs, the negative cathode oxidation reaction occurs, the loss of electronic. The electrode can be metal or non metal, as long as they can exchange electrons with the electrolyte solution, which become the electrode. In electrochemical analysis solution concentration, electrode is converted into an electric signal sensor.

The glass cell is used for electrode reaction for laboratory research.


Single layer five port Electrochemical Tank  TOB-C0150

Single cell capacity

150ml can be customized


PTFE Lid Sealing


Single layer five port Electrochemica


Can be equipped with salt bridge,air inlet device,liquid sealing device,electrode extension rod

Electrochemical Tank

Electrochemical Tank

Electrochemical Tank

Electrochemical Tank

Provide One-stop Solution For Lithium ion Battery Making

Forced Air Drying Oven



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