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Platinum Electrode

Platinum Electrode

1.Name:Platinum Electrode
5.Delivery time:7-10 days

High Purity 99.99% Platinum Electrode 

Platinum Electrode.jpg

Platinum Electrode.jpg

In the battery, electrode generally refers to the redox reaction occurs and the electrolyte solution position. The electrode is divided into positive and negative, generally positive as anode, electron gain, reduction reaction occurs, the negative cathode oxidation reaction occurs, the loss of electronic. The electrode can be metal or non metal, as long as they can exchange electrons with the electrolyte solution, which become the electrode. In electrochemical analysis solution concentration, electrode is converted into an electric signal sensor.

Also provide silver electrode,gold electrode with 1-6mm customized diameter,99.9% purity.


TOB-Pt-working-elect   Platinum Electrode 


1mm-6mm, customized





Electrode Coat

PTFE, PEEK, PCTFE, PVDF package without Liquid penetration.

Platinum Electrode

Platinum Electrode

Gold Electrode

Platinum Electrode

Provide One-stop Solution For Lithium ion Battery Making

Forced Air Drying Oven




Q1.How to order?

A: Please send us your purchase order by email or call us sales, or we can make the proforma invoice under your request, We need to know the following information for your order before sending your PI.

1)Product information-quantity,specification(size,material,technological if needed and packing requirements etc.)

2)Delivery time required.

3)Shipping information-company name,street address,phone number,destination sea port.

4)Forwarder's contact details if there's any in china.

Q2.How to control quality?

A.All the raw material by IQC(Incoming Quality Control) before lanuch whole process into the process after the screening.

B.Process each link in the process of IPQC(Input Process Quality Control) patrol inspection.

C.After finished by QC full inspection before packing into the next process packing.

D.OQC before shipping for each slipper to do full inspection.

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