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Compact Vacuum Sealing Machine

1.200mm length compact vacuum sealer for vacuum pre-sealing.
2.Used for sealing aluminum-laminated case in glove box after injection of electrolyte.
3.Heatable sealer blade is built into the chamber.

Compact Vacuum Sealer for Preparing Pouch Cell After Electrolyte Filled


TOB-YF200 compact vacuum sealer is mainly used for sealing aluminum-laminated case in glove box after injection of electrolyte into pouch Li-ion cell or after formation for final seal (polymer Li-Ion cell). Heatable sealer blade is built into the chamber, automatically sealing the aluminum film pouch case for polymer battery.

ModelCompact Vacuum Sealer   TOB-YF200
Source voltageAC 220V/110V, 50/60HZ
WarrantyOne year limited warranty with lifetime support

1 Sealing Head adopts copper material, good heat transfer effect, 

2 With adjust plate, Can apply to different specifications battery, and the adjusting easily

Vacuum degree-95Kpa - 0
Sealing head TEMRT-250℃, adjustable
TEM accuracy±1.5℃
Sealing pressure0-7Kg/cm2, adjustable
Sealing time0-99s, adjustable
Sealing Blade

Hard type (without rubber, only for Al case sealing, not suitable for sealing case with tab in between)

Sealing width5mm, customized
Sealing head length200mm

Suitable battery size 

(Inner size)

Air source0.5-0.7MPa (72.5-102psi)


Sealing Unit with Chamber Closed: 470*430*480mm

Sealing Unit with Chamber opened: 470*430*559mm

Control Unit: 420*320*220mm

WeightAbout 50kg


Put in glove box:




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