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Hot Roller Press Machine

Hot Roller Press Machine

1.Roller Dimension:150mm(Dia.) x 200mm(W) 2.Roller surface hardness:>HRC62 3.Heating temperature:RT-120℃, can customized to 200C

Hot Roller Press Machine


Technical specifications

1 TOB-DR-H150-200 Lab Roll Press Machine is a compact precision Roll Heat Press Machine . It has dual rollers of 150mm dia. x 200mm width and dual grade micrometer. This lab roll press machine is an ideal Hot rolling press for adjusting thickness and increasing active material density of the electrode in Li-Ion batteries research after coating and drying.

2 This model Electric Calender is mainly used for small electrodes in the rolling process, suitable for use by universities and enterprises experiment line, make the battery electrode compression molding, increased density.

3 It has a pair of 200mm width steel rollers. Such a roller can be heated up to 120℃.



Φ150*200mm Roll Heat Press Machine   TOB-DR-H150-200

Working Voltage

110V / 220V AC single phase selectable


6000W Total


One year limited manufacture warranty with lifetime support

Roller Dimension

 150mm(Dia.) x 200mm(W)

Roller surface hardness


Rolling press accuracy


Roller surface finish


Roller surface hardening depth


Rolling press thickness

0-3 mm adjusted with Dial gauge

Rolling press width

Max 200mm, Customized

Rolling press speed

0-6.5 m/min adjustable

Heating temperature

RT-120℃, can customized to 200C

Application Notes

This roller is specially designed for battery R&D in terms of its advantages 

as affordable, compact and precise. 

1 Must use acetone to clean and dry rollers' surfaces after each use to avoid rusting

2 Coated Rust-proof oil if machine were to be unused for a long period of time

3 The minimum thickness of the rolled sheet should depend on the physical 

property of the materials. 


Heat roller press machine.jpg




Hot Roller Press Machine  TOB-DR-H150-200

1 set

Dial gauge

2 pcs

Customized power plug

1 pcs

Socket head wrench

1 set

Feeler gauge

1 pcs

User manual

1 pcs



Important Notice.


   1Customers should be sure whether their countries are allowed to import this product purchasing.

   2If you`re unsure of whether your country allows these kinds of products or not.

   3we recommend you to contact the custom for confirmation.

   4We will not be responsible for losses due to customs confiscation.

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TOB NEW ENERGY LIMITED provide battery and super capacitor lab equipment,manual,semi-auto,auto machines and line,battery testing machines.

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2.Where is your factory located?

Our factory is in China guangdong province.

3.Can we visit your factory?

Yes, warmly welcome you to come our factory,our engineer who has specialized in lithium battery industry for more than 16 year will talk with you.

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If we buy our machine,will you assist install it?

Yes,we will send you detailed user manual.if you need we can send you operate video,and communicate via video phone,email...etc.

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