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Pouch Cell Edge Cutting Machine

1. Power: 100w
2. Trimming length: 200mm
3. Trimming width: 3-8mm adjustable
4. Speed:600 times/hour

Pneumatic Battery Trimming Machine for Pouch Cell Edge Cutting

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This battery edge cutting machine is mainly used for lithium polymer battery aluminum-plastic film trimming molding, and it can also be used for cutting off other soft materials.

Main Features:

1. It uses the silver linear slide group for guidance, high precision to ensure that the upper and lower cutting between the zero gap and long service life;

2. It uses plexiglass protective cover to prevent cut hand and cut the battery;

3. Cutting knife from top to bottom use of high-speed steel, with sharp blade;

4.Built-in pressure gauge, from which you can observe and accurately control the size of the trimming pressure

5.Cylinder control cutting edge of the battery edge cutting, easy to form automation, trimming width can be adjusted;

6. Air pressure and speed can be set to adjusted;

7. A product positioning tray, adjustable from top to bottom to facilitate the positioning of the battery;

8. Using foot switch, reliable, convenient and fast


Battery Edge Cutting Machine  TOB-LB-QB200

Source voltage

AC 220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz



Trimming length


Trimming width

3-8mm adjustable


600 times/hour

Cutter life

1 million grinding





Air pressure


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