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Pouch Cell Heat Sealing Machine

1.sealing aluminum-laminated films during pouch cell.
2.400mm length sealing head
3.both top and side sealing for pouch cell.

Pouch Cell Heat Sealing Machine

Heat Sealing Machine

Heat Sealing Machine

1 TOB-SFZ-400 Battery heat sealing machine is a new designed compact heating sealer for sealing aluminum-laminated films during pouch cell (polymer Li-Ion cell) case preparation. It has the 400mm length sealing head which is suitable for more larger Pouch cell lab research.

2 The battery heat sealing machine adopts soft sealing bar, It has soft sealing in top sealing head. So it can be used for both top and side sealing for pouch cell.

3 It can prepare the pouch cell for the injection of electrolyte by sealing the side and top of the pouch cell with tab.


 Battery Heat Sealing Machine  TOB-SFZ-400

Voltage supply

110/220V 50/60Hz Single Phase 




One Year limited warranty with lifetime support

Compressed air

≥ 6kg/cm2

Suitable battery size

Top sealing ≤400mm, Side sealing ≤400mm

Sealing head length

400mm, Customized

Sealing thickness


Sealing stamp width

6mm (Can be customized upon request without extra charger)

Sealing pressure

0.5- 0.7 MPa (0 - 99 psi) adjustable

Sealing temperature

RT-250℃, adjustable with controlling accuracy +/-2 °C

Sealing time

0-99s adjustable

Sealing blade type

Soft sealing blade 





Package size (L*W*H)


Package weight


Heat Sealing Machine

Heat Sealing Machine

Heat Sealing Machine

Heat Sealing Machine

Heat Sealing Machine

Heat Sealing Machine

Heat Sealing Machine

Heat Sealing Machine

Heat Sealing Machine

1.Do you have stock?

   Most of products are under regular production, we can make delivery immediately if we the specific one in stock.


Is there any consumable parts for the machine?

    There is no consumable parts for our laser marking machine, just keep clean it for better working condition.

3.What is a prismatic battery?

Prismatic & Pouch Battery Packs. More and more lithium ion applications are utilizing prismatic or pouch cell (soft pack) designs which are an excellent way to reduce weight and cost, as well as optimize packaging efficiency at the batterylevel. ... Therefore, fewer cells are needed for a given battery voltage.

4. Can lithium polymer batteries be overcharged?

The control system prevents overcharging, which can cause the lithium ion battery to overheat and potentially burn. This is why the Li-ion batteries are more expensive. The only way for the Li-ion battery to overcharge is if the charging system malfunctions, and then the battery will heat up while in the charger.

5. Is lithium polymer better than lithium ion?

Li-polymer offers slightly higher specific energy and can be made thinner thanconventional Li-ion, but the manufacturing cost is higher by 10–30 percent. There is such a thing as a real lithium-polymer battery, which uses a polymer as the electrolyte in the battery instead of other standard liquid electrolytes

6.Which battery is better lithium polymer or lithium ion?

Lithium-Ion Battery. ... Lithium Ion Batteries have high energy-densities and cost less than lithium-polymer batteries. In addition, they do not require priming when first used and have a low self-discharge. However, lithium-ion batteries do suffer from aging – even when not in use.

7.Which type of battery is best?

  • NiCd - Nickel cadmium batteries were the first commonly available rechargeable cells. ...

  • NiMh - Nickel metal hydride batteries are an improvement on NiCd. ...

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) - These cells are used to make up the batteries for cordless tools, laptops, camcorders etc.



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