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Ultrasonic Battery Tab Spot Welder 4500W

1.Max output power:4500W
2.Control mode:CPU control
3.Welding capacity:10-60 layers
4.Key worlds:Ultrasonic welding machine

4500W Ultrasonic Battery Welder For Pouch Cell Multi-layer electrode and tab Welding

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1.TOB-USW4500W ultrasonic tab spot welder Mainly used for Lithium battery cell welding,It's with touch-screen controller.For welding stacked copper electrode sheets& Aluminum electrode sheets and tab onto current collectors to prepare pouch cells.

  If you are want to welding single layer and tab,please choose TOB-VS-40A for andode electrode welding.

  TOB-VS-25 for cathode electrode welding.

2.According to the electrode sheet number,we also provide 2600W,3000W welding machine.

3.Provide battery pack welding,different model suitable for different thickness and materials.

  Manual model and automatic model for you to choose.


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Battery Tab Welder.jpg

Battery Tab Welder

Welding Effect

Battery Tab Welder

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Battery Tab Welder.jpg

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1. 15 years of experience

We attach great importance to the user experience, we think about it from the customer's point of view, at the same time we will stand in the perspective of customers recommend suitable products for customers, we offer not only the products, but also the experience and expertise we have accumulated over the past 15 years.


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we always dedicate to one missionalong with our customers, we push the lithium battery technology moving forwardWe are also improving everyday from hard working.


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Our corporate headquarters are in XIAMEN, and we have our own factories in SHENZHEN and DONGGUAN. Now, we have total manufacturing facilities of around 5, 000 square meters and more than 100 staff.


6. Teams of responsible experts

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