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3000W Ultrasonic Battery Welder Equipment

TOB-USW3000W ultrasonic welding machine mainly used for welding multilayer electtrode sheet onto tab. it's welding capacty is bigger than 30 layer.

3000W Ultrasonic Battery Welding Equipment

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3. Also provide battery pack welding machine,for different thickness and materials.according to your dudget,we have manual model and automatic model.

4. If you are interested about this machine,please Pull to the bottom,and send us inquiry.we will reply quotation at the fist time.


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Ultrasonic welding machine:

Before shipping,we will double checking the quality,and test machine.

to make sure it's without any problem,then we ship it.

and make sure the voltage,details is according to your request.

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Welding effect:

The welding area size can be custom according to your requirement.

Touch screen langue is english vertion.

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Ultrasonic welding machine packing details

First step,use wrapping Film to prevent dust.

Second step,use enough foam to prevent products from damages due to collision.

Third step,pack it with wooden box,and fixed well.

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1.What is your mainly business?

TOB NEW ENERGY LIMITED provide battery and super capacitor lab equipment,manual,semi-auto,auto machines and line,battery testing machines.

For materials,we supply battery and super capacitor materials(A full set)

On the other hand,we provide battery technology consulting,guidance,training,transfer...etc.

2.Where is your factory located?

Our factory is in China guangdong province.

3. If we buy our machine,will you assist install it?

Yes,we will send you detailed user manual.if you need we can send you operate video,and communicate via video phone,email...etc.

Also our engineer can come to your country and help you install it. You need bear the business trip cost.

4. We want to make lithium ion battery, but we are not sure if your equipment can guarantee make qualified battery?

We have established our own laboratory,you can come our company,and try to make battery in our laboratory for free.also our engineer will give you professional technical support.

5. We have special requirement for equipment,can you do custom equipment?

Yes,no problem.we have professional R&D team,can design custom equipment,just let us know your requirement freely.

6. We don’t know how many quantity of each materials we need?

Just need tell us how many battery you want to make,we will send you professional material matching file.

7. What's the difference between you and other supplier?what is your advantage?

We provide ‘Turn Key’ Project Service,not only provide high quality equipment and materials,but also professional technical support.

8.How to provide after sale service?

Within one year, if there has any problem which not caused by people,we will send you free machine parts,you just need bear the shipping cost.

after one year,provide factory coat machine parts,and lifetime technical support.

9. Teams of responsible experts

We are always ready to should bear the responsibility if any loss caused to our customer due to our mistakes.

10.Hard working

we always pay attention to the development trend of domestic and overseas lithium battery industry,rationally integrate the best quality resources,use real cases to reflect our brand and value,and provide customers with the most cost-effective products and services.

11.The attitude

we always dedicate to one mission:along with our customers, we push the lithium battery technology moving forward;We are also improving everyday from hard working.

12.R&D ability

In the past few years, we hired authoritative engineers to enhance our R&D capabilities, We have our own professional R&D team with 15 engineers, we also established our own laboratory, factory has also increased the scale of production, now, we can design and produce new and better products to meet customer needs every year.

13. What about the method of delivery?

    Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customer's requirements to suggest the most suitable shipping mode.

14. What’s the MOQ?

   At least 1 set.

15. Do you have stock?

   Most of products are under regular production, we can make delivery immediately if we the specific one in stock.

16. How can order the products without any acknowledge of import?

   We could arrange you shipping or air or express for you and deliver everything to your port or provide you door to door service.

17. About price

   The price is negotiable. it can be changed according to your quantity or package. when you are making an inquiry, please let us know the quantity you want.

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